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Unpacking Possibility with Dr. Traci Stein

Mar 9, 2023

What’s gaslighting? It’s when someone lies and manipulates you to the point that you aren’t sure what’s real; tries to control and disempower you; and leaves you feeling like you don’t know which end is up. In this episode, I shed light on how gaslighters try to manipulate you, explain why you shouldn't try to...

Mar 7, 2023

Are you a magnet for the self-absorbed? If so, this episode is for you! I’ll share how to spot the narcissists in your life, shed light on why you keep attracting them, (and why you can’t fix them), so you can start saying “no" to the takers, prima donnas, and the ultra-self centered people in your life.

Jan 23, 2023

Lost emails? Tense relationships? Technology fails? If you feel like tearing out your hair when Mercury is retrograde, you’re not alone. Thankfully, astrologer Leslie McGuirk shares how we can use this time to shift gears, reevaluate, recalibrate, and grow. Leslie also forecasts large-scale astrological shifts coming...

Jan 11, 2023

Who do you truly want to be this year and going forward? Is it possible to change parts of your personality and free yourself from the patterns and limiting beliefs that have held you back? In this episode, I pose some questions that can help you clarify what you really want for yourself and jumpstart powerful...