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Unpacking Possibility with Dr. Traci Stein

Apr 12, 2022

Writer, advocate and thought leader Jill Shinderman talks about her new book, "Bunny to Bunny: Sing Me Your Song.” This beautifully-illustrated book is the result of a collaboration between a “dream team” of writers, child development and education experts, and was created to foster healthy and playful interactions between young children and their caregivers. Jill spoke about the value of creating research-based creative content that can help cultivate healthy emotional attachment, and enrich parenting practices. Ultimately, this type of engaging content can also improve community connection and collaboration across the entire ecosystem of a child's life. 
"Bunny to Bunny: Sing Me Your Song" is available exclusively through the Zero to Three e-bookstore.
Visit and enter Bunny to Bunny in the search bar.